High Pressure Water Jet Drain Cleaning

High Pressure Water Jet Drain Cleaning

Jer-Z Drainz offers residential, commercial, and industrial high pressure water jet drain cleaning in Rutherford and most of Northern New Jersey. As one of the most powerful and efficient methods of clearing away grease and debris build-up in drains, water pressure drain cleaning scours pipelines, giving your drains a forceful scrubbing. Our highly trained technicians can handle stubborn clogs and we provide 24-hour emergency services for sewer and drain cleaning.

We are your local water jet sewer cleaning specialists, with technicians that are trained and experienced in jetting sewer lines. Our sewer water jet techniques break up sludge and grease, removes hardened scale from pipes, and flushes out your plumbing system. Powerful jet drain cleaner clears out your pipes, leaving your drain lines clean. Jer-Z-Drainz has always been a community business, so you can expect competitive pricing and quality service.

What is High Pressure Water Jet Drain Cleaning

high pressure water jet drain cleaningJetting sewer lines is a guaranteed and effective method of dislodging accumulated waste, clumps of debris, and tree roots from drain pipes and sewer lines. The process eliminates the need to dig up landscaping to expose pipes that are clogging your plumbing system. Power jet drain cleaning is the best way to clear pipelines and clean the interior wall of pipes. Only properly trained and experienced plumbers should be hired to perform high pressure drain jetting for homes and businesses.

Sewer jet cleaning is performed using a large tankard of water equipped with pressurization mechanics, along with a special high-pressure hose and nozzle that concentrates the water jet stream producing a strong and forceful water stream. The result is a precise spray of water that dislodges and moves clogged debris and grease out of drains. As blockages are loosened, the dislodged debris will flow from sewer lines in a fast and environmentally-friendly manner.

Benefits Of Water Jet Pipe Cleaning


high pressure water jet drain cleaning in action

Paper, grease, waste, fats, and food are a problem for most homeowners, and for commercial, institutional, and industrial establishments, clogged drains are inevitable. The drains from sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets eventually take a toll on plumbing systems. If sewer pipes are cracked and have tree root infiltration, the problem can grow even worst – with no clear outlet for drain water and sewage. Jer-Z-Drainz suggests water jet pipe cleaning for homes and businesses that experience a sluggish flow of drain water and in situations where a plumbing auger or snake simply won’t move clogs.

  • pipes are not only unclogged, they are cleaned
  • water jet pipe cleaning is efficient and powerful
  • an environmentally-safe and economic method

As experts in high pressure drain cleaning, we take care to do the job correctly, to prevent intensifying any plumbing problems. Knowing how much water pressure is required to clear out a drain is important. We also take into consideration condition of your piping system and the internal diameter of the clogged pipes flush deposits from your drains in a safe and appropriate manner.

How Does It Work?


High-Pressure water jet drain cleaning begins with a sewer line video inspection to check for any broken or damaged pipes. At this time the nature and extent of the drain clog are also determined. After inspection and the drain pipe issues are determined, our professional plumber inserts the hose cleaning head to deliver pressurized water into the line. The cleaning head is moved further along the pipelines using several passes to fully remove tough blockages such as grease, debris, and tree roots. The process is followed by a quality inspection to ensure your drains are flowing freely and pipes are fully clean.

Call Jer-Z-Drainz today at 201-933-0622 to discuss our quality, high-pressure water jet drain cleaning. We serve Rutherford, New Jersey and East Rutherford, Hackensack, Passaic, Montclair, Clifton, Garfield, Paterson, Totowa, Little Falls, Lyndhurst, Nutley, Maywood, Verona, Glen Ridge, West Orange, Moonachie, and Teaneck, NJ.

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